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  • The New Bosses, Are Same As The Old Bosses. A Little Cannabis History.
      The government is law. The people have the power to nullify those laws.   Advertisements
  • Why Drug Legalization Just Won’t Happen | The Atlanta Post
    America outpaces every country in the world in the number of people it incarcerates. Many of those responsible for the ballooning prison population are low-level drug offenders. Since the majority of prisoners are characterized as non-violent offenders, critics of drug prohibition assert that because the “war on drugs” has been such a failure and has […] […]
  • Dr. Melamede on Phyto Cannabinoids, Capitalism, and Legalization
        Dr. Robert J. Melamede, Ph.D., has been Chief Executive Officer, President of Cannabis Science, Inc. since July 2009. Dr. Melamede serves as Scientific Advisor for Cannabis Therapeutics as well as a variety other of state dispensaries and marijuana patient advocacy groups. He served as a Secretary of Cannabis Science, Inc. since July 2009. […]
  • PBS looks at medical value of cannabis
    A good blend of propaganda, the drug war, and evidence of what may be possible. A must watch for those who “doubt”. You could save some lives….think about it. Watch the full video: Watch the full episode. See more MontanaPBS Presents. Or, read the transcript: […]
  • Some Common Sense
  • Irony?: Gov. Nixon’s son cited for marijuana possession in Columbia
    Gov. Jay Nixon’s youngest son was cited for marijuana possession over the weekend in Columbia. Police were dispatched to a loud party early Saturday morning at an apartment complex a few blocks from the University of Missouri campus. Officers “found several people standing in the common hallway talking loudly and immediately smelled a strong odor […]
  • Marijuana Legalization Is So Close – Support HR2306 | Jay Selthofner
    Marijuana Legalization Is So Close – Support HR2306 | Jay Selthofner.   Ms. Banana Kush says “Thanks Jay”. 😉
  • Medicinal Cannabis And It’s Impact On Human Health
    In this myth shattering, information packed documentary, learn from physicians and leading researchers about medicinal cannabis and its demonstrated effects on human health. This game-changing movie presents the most comprehensive synopsis to date of the real science surrounding the world’s most controversial plant. Visit their website!
  • American Drug War –
    The Last White Hope (Pre Release Cut) American Drug War II ~ Now In Production
  • Marijuana Prohibition
      Anslingerian” Politics: The History of Anti-Marijuana Sentiment in Federal Law and How Harry Anslinger’s Anti-Marijuana Politics Continue to Prevent the FDA and Other Medical Experts from Studying Marijuana’s Medical Utility. How Cannabis Was Criminalized Marijuana Legalization Reduces Crime The 1937 Marijuana Tax Act The Economics Of Prohibition ~ Mark Th […]

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